How to use prose

on The rand of min

# 0000 register


you can see that.

profile pic

inter your blog username

# 0001 create your blog

first you need ceater a new directory of blog and then writer something in

like this :

 This is my first blog post.

Check out some resources:

- [](
- [](
- [antoniomika](
- [](


# 0010 publish your blog

when you writer blog work of finish, you can publish your blog in web server

use this command:

scp ~/blog/*.md

parse your ssh passwork

# 0011 look

now, you can look your publish file in the brower.

good luck for you!

# 0100 delete a blog

If you want delete a blog, you need create a null file, have zero bytes.

//eg: delete
cp /dev/null 
scp ./

# 0101 customize your blog page

If you want customize your blog page, you need create a special file ""

title: some title!
description: this is a great description
    - google:
    - site:

Here is a quick intro to my personal blog!
This will show up on the blog landing page.

# 0110 use picture

first you need upload your picture to prose server

it support .jpg .png .gif .webp .svg

reference in blog:

picture name

resize images:

![profile](/profile/x500)   #auto scale width 
![profile](/profile/)       #scale width and height
![profile](/profile/500x)   #auto cale height

delete a image:

create a null same name image, upload it

cp /dev/null delete.jpg
scp ./delete.jpg